A Plant based Lifestyle is a choice.

Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. — Albert Einstein —

welcome to "eine vegane welt". — in english " a vegan world". offering information about why a plant based diet will help to save our planet — and therefore save us.

why go vegan?

Change is possible when the "why" is understood

our taste and eating behavior depends on where we live on earth. for some of us it is closely linked to our emotions, habits and our personal lifestyle. in some cases our food choices also reflect our self-confidence and self-image.each day more and more people who are in the position to do so, are deciding to adopt a plant based, vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. there are many reasons why this food choice is made. one of the main reasons today for changing the way we eat is the knowledge about how our decisions affect our environment and all life on earth.

what do we really need?

What do we want to support?

Workshop / Talk / Presentation. Who and what do we want to support? / What do we really need ?

Discussion topics: Life gives life. / We need air, water and food in order to survive. / We are a part of our environment and the environment is in us. / Becoming aware. / Why do we think of so many reasons not to help environmental organisations? / Compare supporting Mars, Coca Cola, Unilever, Nestlé etc as to supporting WWF, Plan, BUND, Greenpeace etc. / Parallels and differences. / Our planet gives us life / The industry kills our planet. This Workshop gives food for thought and answers many questions. It is a combination of presentation, talk and discussion.

If you are interested, please contact me with your query per email. 

Yes, I am vegan

Workshop / talk / sharing experiences / how do I be vegan and help my environment and be me in my surroundings? Family, friends, work, colleagues, etc. / positive vibes / law of attraction / be you / motivational workshop plus practical help: how do I go shopping? how do I cook for myself? how do I take negative comments? / groups that can be joined. 

If you are interested, please contact me with your query per email. 

Vegan Blog, healthyhelpfulwise.com

Der Blog www.healthyhelpfulwise.com behandelt alle Themen die durch unser Nahrungswahl beeinflusst werden. Essen ist nicht nur eine Lebensnotwendigkeit, es beinhaltet immer mehr Faktoren auf allen Ebenen; Artenvielfalt, unsere  Umwelt, unsere natürlichen Ressourcen, Ethik, Politik, Menschenrechte, unsere Gesundheit, die Zukunft unsere Kinder, Speciesism und Racism. Gesund, hilfreich und Weise sein ist also worum es letztendlich geht. Und diese Handlung wollen wir an unseren Kinder weitergeben, in die Hoffnung, dass sie es besser machen auf unsere Erde als wir es gemacht haben. 



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