Zucchini veggie pasta



some cherry tomatoes

organic pesto in a glass or self made
plant based cream or milk
basil leaves
pine seeds


chopping board, knife, spiral, bowl, frying pan

Wash your vegetables and make spaghetti from the zucchini and carrots.

Frying pan

Quickly toss fry the garlic, chopped tomatoes and pesto in some oil. 
Add the zucchini and carrot spirals and toss for another minute.
Dish out everything onto plates and add fresh basil leaves and pines seeds.
Done. Enjoy.

Avocado on bread

Many things can be done with avocados. Eaten with crackers, on bread. In Trinidad we even eat slices with warm soup. Avocado on bread taste best with some salt, a sprinkle of lime and some pepper. Depending on the country you live in, try adding some rocket and sprouts. 

Information about avocados. Avocados grow in tropical countries. They are very healthy and a good source of … If you are living in a temperate country make sure you only buy organic avocados from a trusted source.. See the documentary rotten.



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